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Natalee Bowen has been in the design industry for over 20 years, having been the creative director for Otilly and Lewis in Brisbane, and when the renowned homewares store Lily G in Brisbane was sold to a new owner she became the contracted interior designer and Lily G interiors was born. “Having had all nearly all the jobs published was a true honor.” Says Natalee. And now establishing her own business Indah Island things have gone from good to great, being commissioned both Australia wide and internationally.

Having had her own business throughout Australia and Southeast Asia, Natalee has a unique style that incorporates the Hamptons with the tropical lush of the coast. Having travelled and worked around the world, America holds a special place “as the Hamptons and cape cod style of housing is so beautiful architectually and the furnishings are divine.” Says Natalee.

Coming from a father in the building industry, Natalee has always had a passion for building and renovating, and turning houses into homes.

Natalee has also worked in the commercial sector designing , renovating and styling spaces from Hair salons to Law offices. There is no limit to design, and Indah Island explores all avenues to create beautiful spaces.

Natalee's work has been published in both Australian and International magazines and has also featured on the front cover of house and garden magazine. Her work is constantly sought after to feature in magazines, showcasing the works of Indah Island.

Indah Island works with a team of architects, draftsmen, builders and tradesmen, allowing for a full project management service to be offered. Once the house is built ,we need to transform the walls of these homes using unique hand picked furnishings and creating vignettes to show case the owners personal style. This service begins at colour selection and continues throughout the home, from styling and customizing fabrics to furniture pieces. “ This really is the fun part for me to share with the client. Watching their face light up when they walk in to the room".

Please feel free to contact Natalee for a consultation today. She lives in Perth.  Take a look at her gallery.

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