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Amanda's House - Wellington Point

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Amanda, Andrew and their 2 delightful children purchased this beautiful property a handful of months before they asked me to take a look.


This property was around 10 years old and was sold by a couple from overseas who built it as their holiday house. It had barely been used so the house was in pristine condition.

Amanda wanted a soft classic look that wasn’t too stuffy so that every room could be used but still look divine.

The children were so delightful and were really overwhelmed that it looked so beautiful and comments were made from them in hope it was theirs and it wasn’t going to go away bless them!!!


All the lounges suites, chairs and ottoman were all custom made and wrapped in beautiful soft hued fabric. We used soft greens and creams in the front of the house blending through natural linens and then a coordinated blue and cream in the living family area that overlooked the bay. The blues of the water and in accent tones though accessorized all came together and looked very serene.

Outside we had a little fun using an amazing outdoor fabric that again enhanced the outlook.


Amanda’s bedroom brief was that she wanted a room that she never wanted to leave, something out of a beautiful book!


This was a lovely project with equally lovely clients, which always makes it a pleasure.


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Magic year ahead !!!

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Over the past year i have been working on some very exciting projects that have taken me all over the country side. From Brisbane to Perth and then to Melbourne. I have been renovating, building, decorating my little heart out!!! From  cottage houses to corporate lawyers firms, amazing edgy hampton style to a traditional melbourne lady ( i am dressing this mutton up to become a beautiful lamb. )

2012 will be full of bright and shiny new jobs and new clients that are already to be great friends. I cant wait to share some pictures with you all over the next few months on completion of a few of them.

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A timeless beauty, a neutral palette using natures stone and divine cane pieces. with the use of soft natural ecru linens and a few patterns into the mix creates a divine home.

The outdoor room here is amazing to be used all year round. This home has a French feel; you do feel like you are in a villa somewhere tucked away in the middle of France.

The furniture is a collection of old meets new with hints of eclectic finds.

A beautiful home with loads of character.






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This house revels in its high ceilings and crip white walls. It has an elegance that is capured with in these photos.

A balancing act of black ,white and oak floors has a calming sophistication about it.

Creating a cape cod feel with a European twist !!

The furniture pieces minimal but gives the space a delightful feel. I love this house.







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The panelling throughout this home is truly divine. Attention to detail has been taken in every aspect of this house. A sophisticated Hampton elegance glides through this home using warmth in colour and crisp white, to enhance furniture pieces. It is luxury meets relaxed, a beautiful home to sit and gaze at all day long.

Simon our photographer is so talented at capturing an essence of this house. You would never want to leave.







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This is a true shabby shiek house, a creative little thing , the owner of a beautiful little homewares store in bulimba in Brisbane is a go to place to find all things hand crafed, home made and treasured finds. This house sits on the bay high on the hill, a divine sence of freedom and tranquil days.

This house is a fully of fun pieces that have been given an update to create a fun filled home. Soft colours, white on white, and painted furniture brings this house to life.







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Sharnell's House - Gumdale

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Screen_shot_2011-12-08_at_9.34.07_PMSharnel is a huge character in Brisbane, with her amazing children’s 5 star parties she was asked by Oprah!!!!

Yes that’s right ,to do a special on her Australian tour show casing her divine cupcakes and dressing her tables!!!Her house reflects her sophisticate style with a fun vibe.

Again incorporating a Hampton feels, and using classic blue and white tempo with hits of green.

The green trellis wallpaper in the dinning room is a hit!! Showing her adventurous side.

You must visit her site if you want a child’s party or any event you want to wow people.


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This has just been published last month and filled the pages of the magazine with a impact of colour, Marcela is a talented artist and her house is a true reflection of her beauty and her art work









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Beautiful hues of soft green and blue a little bit Ralph Lauren and a lot of beauty.This made the front cover of veranda in Europe!!!!! Divine










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Megan's Home

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Megan’s house has truly a wow factor. The fabric and furniture selections were the stand out in this job, allowing the flow of the home from the moment to take the first step. Divine pieces chosen throughout the home each piece selected with precision. This house suits Megan to a T, charismatic and beautiful both inside and out.

This House really has some history. I will take you back to when I first met the divine miss M. She and her husband had been on the search for the perfect house to renovate. Something with character with good bones and great features.

We first came across another home that we thought was going to work and luckily for Megan it fell through, Luck was defiantly on our side as this home came to site by pure accident.

It was a cottage built on a hill and was bright orange!!!! It had 2 bedrooms and a yuck kitchen…. that was the first thought.

We gave this house a complete transformation gutting most of the insides and extended out to create a beautiful bathroom a walk in robe and a divine bedroom.

Using oak floorboards to soften the terracotta tiles in it made a difference.

The vision was to create a Hampton feels but be truly relaxed and not pretentious.

The design of the kitchen was a breeze with our cabinet experts who wasted no time to whip up the bespoke kitchen to make sure it fulfilled Megan’s every desire. The Bathroom ensuite again so serene, who wouldn’t want to take a bath in this room with a glass of bubbles.

One of my favourite areas is the back yard; we created a cosy feel by building in the pizza oven area and also a day bed to lye out on.

When it was time to furnish this home we had very certain ideas and found each piece to have the perfect place. When we couldn’t find a piece we created it !! Megan wanted people to be able to come to her home and have a place to sit anywhere they wanted to. A peaceful home to entertain and relax and of course be home to 2 very cute little fluffy dogs.

The fabrics were choses to create flow from front to back. We wanted a classic blue and white ralph Lauren touch then added accents of green and blue in the TV area then contrasted a pop of green and white for the garden area.

This house is truly divine, even now I cant stop gazing at it for it beauty.

Painted now in a soft grey with a gloss blk front door with a custom door mat to boot, this divine house now a style icon.



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Edgar St - Bernadette and Roger's house

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Bernadette and Rodger came across this house and loved the area and had a huge vision for their home.

With Rodgers building expertize the only original part of this house was the front bedrooms.

The house was lifted and built under and back and has created a huge family home with a Hampton / Bahamas feel.

The stand out would be the high ceilings and use of pressed metal for the roof. This created an old world feel. With pure white walls and a contrast of blk floorboards that were nearly made white, the house oozes character.

Bernadette had set ideas to use the classic blue and white, however had 2 pieces she needed to have in the home one was a brown leather sofa and the second was her uncles prize possession of a dear head!!!!! Shock yes, could we use it of course!! In fact he really became a huge focal point of this house and they like to pop a Christmas hat on him at Xmas time.

To incorporate the use of the brown leather we used natural textures to soften the area, with natural fibre mats and rattan pieces.

The divine love chair next to the fireplace is amazing, she can sit and read her little girls a book or cosy up with a glass of red reading a favourite book.

Again brining the outside in we uses beautiful palms to add some greenery to the mix. The out door area has a tropical Bahamas feel using a beautiful blue and white strip and soft baby blues.



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Kathy's Place

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Kathy came to us to upgrade her tired home. She had some beautiful older pieces mixed with some new that she had accumulated over a period of time. We took on the task to make sure we kept as many her pieces however gave them a new lease of life turning this beautiful old queenslander into a serene home.

One of the things we loved about this house was is wonderful history. It had been in the family for generations. Using Kathys tired cane furniture we brought it back to life painting it white.

Kathy loved the Hamptons and wanted to have some influence throughout the home. The Bathroom was renovated to bring it into the modern world with a beachy feel.

Styling Kathys home was wonderful, bringing the green in from the garden and soft blues to create a fresh inviting look.

Kathy loved the finish looked so much and spent more time outside enjoying a cup of tea to relax on her refreshed verandah.



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Vogue photo shoot

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vogueThis was a fabulous job !! So much fun and flair. The brief was to create a salon that both clients and staff could enjoy. Lighting, mirrors and every detail was so important. When you work on your feet 14 -16 hours a day you want to feel relaxed and in a divine space.

Eclectic use of vintage pieces really brought this salon to life.

Thanks to Phil who really had an amazing vision and allowed us to carry it through.xx






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House & Garden Cover

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The front cover !!!! An exciting moment in any interior designers career. This lady was a delight. An old Queenslander with so much potential. This was an opportunity to use some of Brisbane’s great talent masters in cane refurbishment and upholstery.

Again a classic twist of green and blues brought the outside in. Cathy had waited a long time to enjoy this space and the shoot was fabulous to style and made the front cover!!!! Thanks again to Simon Kenny and Catherine shields.





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Queensland Homes photo shoot 2

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 qld_homes_2 When first walking into this property all you can see for days are the beautiful trees in the middle of Paddington. It was an obvious choice but fun to choose and play up the background and enhances the space by using charcoal and natural tones with a twist of green with classic black and white. It was all divine and the shoot was a great fun day.

Thanks to Shelly an amazing woman !!!

qld homes cover0003
qld homes cover0004


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Queensland Homes photo shoot 1

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This home was a magnificent home on the waterfront in Brisbane. The owner’s brief was a dream. They wanted it beautifully furnished but still with a true feel of home not any  pretentiousness. With 2 teenage children and a busy lifestyle they wanted soft colors that would give a feel of flow throughout the home.

The study was an escape and space that gave a world feel to exhibit some well travelled pieces.

The lounge was a space that allowed mum to sit and read and reflect into beautiful books and magazines.

The family dining chairs and table were heirloom pieces that were reupholstered to bring life back to them.

The whole house was a dream as were the clients. Thanks you Amanda for being a great friend and client.







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Women's Weekly photo shoot

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weeklyThis amazing house is an incredible transformation from its former self and a credit to its west end owners. This was a fabulous shoot and Bernadette and Rodger are the most delightful couple with the cutest 2 little girls.

The brief was to keep a classic Hampton feel with an eclectic few pieces to really enhance their personalities. We were delighted to have this shoot as Simon did an incredible job and Catherine’s words always magical.








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Indah Island is...

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natalee_beachIndah meaning beautiful and the idea of living in Australia on the biggest island is a romantic idea.

Having traveled the world living overseas for several years, has transformed my ideas of beautiful houses. Growing up I dreamt of  creating beautiful houses and lived in several as my father was a builder and built over 500 homes all of which I think I took little pieces from.

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A room should hold a person

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“A room should hold a person”

It has been a long dream of mine to create beautiful sanctuaries for people.  The sort of home you never want to leave.

Having a father as a builder it was inevitable that at some stage my collecting of scraps from around building sites would turn into something special.  It is in the blood to create and indulge in beautiful things.

Indah Island is based on an eclectic mix of old and new.  The classic style of Nantucket home meets the relaxed serenity of the Caribbean.  Even the grandest of rooms need to be approachable and comfortable.

I have a love of neutral background for all your treasures to stand out.  The classic of blue and moods of green.

Choosing furniture is like choosing friends.  It can be hard to pin point what makes a good friend, but there’s always a soulful feel about a piece that makes the best stand out.

Fabrics is another key element, divine linens ,textural weaves and soft cottons.  Prints and strips  from ralph lauren and the right pop of colour.  The right fabric selection can make or break a room.

Whether I am designing a house or styling a room, my job is to articulate clients needs while I amplify the design objective, so I ask questions: will that door be easy to open with a tray in your hands?  Does that window height feel right?  That’s how we achieve harmony in every room; I put myself in the house as if I were the owner.

The flow of a house or room is so important.  It is how it all feels that makes it work.

A room should hold a person not alienate them.  A house you never want to leave and when you do you cant wait to get back to .





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